Classy Cleveland

We never thought we'd find ourselves vacationing in Ohio (especially while living in Australia), but our wonderful friend Anita was getting married there and we couldn't miss it.  So after a few days relaxing at Sequoia Lake, we drove to San Jose and took a red eye flight to Cleveland. Who knew Cleveland would be such a pleasant surprise.

Our friends from the bay area are living in Michigan for a few months and drove over to visit.  We decided to take the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad through Cuyahoga National Park, about 20 minutes South of Cleveland.  It was a cute old restored train staffed by volunteers who where absolutely tickled to share the journey with us.  As one volunteer told us, "Where else can you ride a train all day... for free?!"  Fair point train dude, fair point.  We enjoyed a pleasant ride down along a creek and back again.  

Above ground sewage pipe along the route.
Ohio ski field.  (and we thought Australia slopes were small!)
All aboard!
 After the train ride we drove through the park and stopped at Brandywine Falls.  It was very warm, so fortunately it was just a quick hike down to the falls.  The falls were very pretty - though it was a bit odd to see the road right over the top.

Brandywine Falls (with a road at the top)
 The following day we went on a harbour cruise on Lake Erie with our San Diego friends.  The city was surprisingly pretty, and I really enjoyed watching the bridges raise and lower.

 After the harbour cruise w found ourselves stopping at a brewery - as we seem to do with this group of friends :)  It was a good way to get our livers ready for the wedding festivities the following days.


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