Buck Rock

One of our favourite things to do while staying at Sequoia Lake is visiting Buck Rock.  It's a fire lookout that was built on top of a granite dome with great views of the area from the top.  
You climb up rather steep 172 steps to the top, and there's a small room where the fire lookout worker eats, sleeps, and works while on shift with a narrow platform surrounding the outside.  

The lookout fits a single bed wedged against one wall, a stove, tiny little kitchenette, visitor nook with books and things for sale, and a desk where the worker lays out maps, radios, and binoculars to scan the 360 degree view.  I can't imagine staying in such a small space - I'm pretty sure the only toilet option is to descend the 172 steps down to the small outhouse below.  I'd hate to have to go in the middle of the night during bad weather!

Besides the view, my favourite thing about this spot is th hummingbird feeder.  I love being able to watch the birds fly around with the views of the park behind them.  It would be good to be a hummingbird up there!  Not sure I'd want to be the one responsible for carrying the hummingbird water up the stairs though.

Hummingbird photo bomb!


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