2017 in Quilts

With all of the craziness that was 2017 - the lots of travel, building a house drama, and getting a puppy, I decided to look back at what I did to keep my sanity - my sewing projects.  So here is my 2017 in quilts.
#1 - Map of Australia Pillow

#2 - Gun Mini Quilt for my Dad

#3 - Cushion Cover for a Black and White Themed Swap on Instagram

#4 - Chrissy Down Under Mini for Phil's parents

#5 - Camper Mini for a wonderful coworker

#6 - Using up scraps for a baby quilt 

#7 - Pillows made with batiks I got in Indonesia

#8-13 - Charity quilts I made for Keep Safe Quilts

#14 - First of Three Custom Request Crane Quilts for a family who used to live in Japan

#15 - Mini Quilt 

#16 - Baby Quilt to use up scraps

#17 - Baby Quilt to use up scraps

#18 - Camper Quilt for my wonderful coworker's Camper Trailer

#19 - Actually not my make, but I quilted this one for my mom

#20 - Fox Quilt for my cousin's daughter

#21 - Batik Cushion Cover for a charity sale

#22 - Batik Cushion Cover for a charity sale

#23 - Westie Cushion Cover for the All Westie Rescue Charity Auction

#24 - My mom's work again, she painted this runner and I quilted it

#25 - The Second of the three crane quilts 

#26 & 27 - Baby quilt for a friend and a second one for the baby quilt stash

#28 - Dinosaur baby quilt for some friends

#29 - Quilt for my cousin's daughter who loves pink

#30 - Cushion Covers as a custom request to go with a wall quilt I made previously

#31 - Plus Quilt, because I was probably the only quilter in the world who had never made one

#32 - Plus Quilt, because #31 was fun and easy to make

#33 - Fox Quilt.  This one was originally supposed to be for my cousin's daughter but I got mad at it and started over.  After putting it aside for awhile I made it work.

#34 - Another Plus Quilt with leftovers

#35 - Westie Mini - Because I seem to have a thing for Westies now

#36 & 37 - Caterpillar quilts for a coworker who had twins (we work for Cat)

#38 - Asian Patchwork Quilt for a friend who turned 50

#39 - Memory Quilt for a friend's mother made from his father's shirts

#40 - And one for the friend because I had leftover fabric

#41 - The last, and my favourite, of the three Crane Quilts

#42 - A Chevy Truck Quilt for my cousin's son to go with the fox quilt for his daughter

#43 - A Maker's Mat for a Christmas Present Swap

#44 & 45 - Two Caterpillar Quilts for some friends' nephews

Plus some Aussie Christmas Stockings for the Americans here for Christmas 

And some pot holders to stuff the stockings

Phew.  That's a lot of work!  And money for fabric!  That's nearly one project a week - and considering I was away from home a lot of weeks this year that's a pretty good effort.


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