Yellow Water Billabong

Our guide for the four wheel drive waterfall tour suggested that Barramundi Falls was another great stop, and so we decided to check it out the following day.  We originally wanted to see Gunlom Falls, the waterfall in Crocodile Dundee, but without a four wheel drive vehicle this was the next best choice.  It was only 10 km of dirt track from the main road, and a short walk up to the falls.  Unfortunately because it was easy to get to it got quite crowded when we were there, but we had long enough to enjoy a paddle across the pool to the waterfall before it got to that point.
The path to Barramundi Falls
Clear green water along the walk
Barramundi Falls
Beautiful scenery
 The absolute highlight of the day though was the sunset cruise we took in the Yellow Water Billabong.  Somehow we ended up on the boat with all the screaming kids, but even with that constant background noise it was still an incredible experience.  The boat hadn't even left the dock before we saw a giant croc skimming along the water.  There were birds (brave birds!) everywhere and the changing light was stunning.  I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves...
Pretty blue bird
Enjoying the boat ride 
I love the reflection of the clouds in the water
Sharing a romantic sunset :)
Cruising along the billabong
Sea Eagle
Jesus bird (because it has large feet that helps it walk on water)
Happy Missy
The sun starting to set
the beautiful afternoon light
A Jabiru
And another pretty NT sunset


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