Jim Jim and Twin Falls

In Kakadu we took a four wheel drive bus tour to Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls.  Like most of the NT scenery, it was a rather unexciting hour long drive to the falls, but once we were there the scenery was absolutely spectacular.
Our chariot
How good is this!
It was a 900 meter walk from the car park to Jim Jim Falls, though the last bit involved scrambling around boulders so felt a little bit longer.  The good thing about having to climb the big rocks to get to the falls is the crocs can't climb the rocks, so it makes it a bit safer to swim there.

First view point of the falls
There are some stunning pictures of Jim Jim Falls online, but the trick with this waterfall is the only way to see it flowing like that is during wet season when you can drive it.  So unless you want to take a helicopter in between the rain, there's only a trickle of water the rest of the year.  The water was quite fresh in the pool because it was sitting in the shade of the towering cliffs.  It was warm enough outside that after a few minutes in the water we numbed up enough that the cold wasn't as noticeable. Phil swam out to the waterfall and splashed around under the trickle of water still flowing.
Phil under the water fall (trickle)
A fresh swim in the pool
The sun, a hike, and a swim, can't beat it
Pretty viewing looking back down the canyon
After lunch we headed down another road towards Twin Falls.  Like Jim Jim, Twin Falls isn't running much during the dry season but it was still a beautiful sight.  We hiked a bit along and then took a boat down a stunning river.  The water was so green and clear.
Amazing green water
On the boat heading down the river
On the boat they explained the crocodile management that goes on in the area.  They don't open up the canyons for swimming until after the crocs have been cleared out after wet season.  Then they set croc traps just in case there are stragglers.  They also float these hard white balls covered in fish oil in the water to track their movement.  The bite marks indicate how big their teeth are.
Croc bite ball
Down the river
We arrived at Twin Falls and the colours there were absolutely stunning.  The brown sand swirled with the green water and the glittering waterfall sparkling down the rock cliff.
The swirl of colour
One of the twin falls was flowing a bit but the second one was just a trickle.  Swimming isn't allowed at these falls because it is a sacred Aboriginal site.  No refreshing dip here, but we were happy to settle for the view.
Twin Falls

Croc trap
It was well worth the trip out to see both of the falls.  What a fun day of hiking, swimming, and adventure.  That evening we went back to our croc-shaped hotel and ate some croc for dinner.  It was quite satisfying eating something that could have eaten us!
The view back down the canyon


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