Cairns Trip - Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforrest

The second day of the Richardson tour of Far North Queensland took us to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rain Forrest.  We started out from Palm Cove and have a nice drive up enjoying the scenery.  When we got to Cape Tribulation it was nice and warm and the beach was absolutely gorgeous.  We just walked around quietly for awhile enjoying the scenery.
Cape Tribulation
Cape Tribulation
Happy tourists
Photo bomb

We noticed some weird piles of sand all over and some patterns made with little dots of sand.  Must be some critter burrowing on the beach.
Weird pile of sand
patterns in the sand
We had a relaxing lunch, then started heading back down the coast.  We stopped at another pretty little beach along the way and explored it until it started raining.  We also got to see an incredible site in the car - a Cassowary crossing the road. Then we realised there were actually two little babies following the mom, little brown fuzzy things that looked nothing like the great big blue headed bird.  It was an amazing sight.
the rain starting to come in
We stopped at the Daintree River crossing and took a boat out to look for crocodiles.  It was a couple weeks after a lady had been eaten by one while swimming late at night in the water in the area.  It was interesting to hear the boat driver to tell us how humans destroying that one croc have imbalanced the local ecosystem for years to come.  We a couple big crocs and a few cute little 3 month old babies.  I think I prefer the babies.
Big mama croc
Little baby croc
puttering along the Daintree River
looks like this croc found some lunch
We also stopped at the Alexandra Range Lookout to enjoy the view of the Daintree River meeting the Coral Sea.  The variety of colours were stunning and it was a gorgeous spot.  Then we headed back to rainy Port Douglas for a rest before the next day's adventure.


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