Exploring the City/State/Country/Island of Singapore

After landing in Singapore we found the doctor at the airport and got some X-rays of Phil's rapidly swelling wrist.  Not broken, says the doc.  I continue to be amazed at the cost of healthcare in countries outside the US.  All up, this visit was around $120 AUD.  I can't imagine how much it would have cost someone in the US without insurance.
Singapore skyline
After the doctor we headed to our friend Missy's place to drop off our bags.  Then we headed into town for a happy hour with some colleagues from the office there.  It was really bizarre for me seeing all these people I knew from the San Diego office who now live in Singapore.  Definitely a small world.  Then Phil and I wandered around and explored this giant 7-story mall that actually turned out to be two 7-story malls next to each other.  Living in Australia, we are rather deprived of shopping so we were both surprisingly happy wandering around the malls.  We even found a great deal on a laptop bag for Phil.
Missy, Phil, and I looking out on the city
Saturday morning was very rainy, so we ended up wandering around another mall by Missy's house and then enjoyed noodles freshly made in front of us for lunch.  After the rain cleared we took the sky rail across to Sentossa Island, a strange little place just off the coast full of resorts and theme parks.  After wandering around for a bit we headed back for a nap before going out for the evening.  
On the sky rail to Sentossa
The Merlion on Sentossa
Dinner that night was found on Satay Street.  It's this street full of street vendors selling various meat on sticks.  We walked in, were ushered to a table, and were promptly handed a menu.  We ordered a pile of meat and dug in.  It was good at the time, but the next day Phil and I were both cursing the street meat!
Enjoying our street meat
Sunday we had brunch on Arab Street and then wandered around the fabric shops there.  Then more shopping.  Apparently that's what you do in Singapore, and when you're not shopping you're eating some wonderfully ethnic dish.  We thoroughly wore ourselves out walking around, and then enjoyed a relaxing meal along the water that evening.
Arab Street, fabric mecca of S'pore
beautiful evening along the water
another evening view
Monday Phil had to work, but Missy and I had fun riding the Duck Boat Tour and then explored the Gardens by the Bay at the Marina Bay Sands.  It was a hot and humid day, so the indoor man-made waterfall and gardens were a refreshing stop.  After a snack of truffle fries and chocolate cake, Phil headed off to dinner with coworkers and Missy and I explored Chinatown.
view from the duck boat
view from the duck boat
Singapore is a strange mix of everything.  I was excited to find peanut butter m&ms, Baja Fresh, American bacon, and Banana Republic.  All things I love and miss.  We heard many different languages, and it was tricky walking around because there isn't really a correct side to pass people on.  There is a huge variety of food, culture, shops... and a city/state/country/island chockablock with overpriced apartment buildings.  While we enjoyed exploring, the best part hands down was hanging out with Missy.
goodies from home!
night view
Missy :)


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