A Day in the Life of an Ironsherpa

3:37: Alarm goes off.  Seriously, do I really have to get up now?  Some people are just going to bed. :(
4:30: Leave campsite.  Dark and cold, the perfect time to still be sleeping.
5:10: Ironman finishes setting his gear up in transition, Ironman and Ironsherpa head back to the camper van for a nap.
5:50: Walk over to swim start.
6:10: Ironaman de-robes, squeezes into flattering rubber wetsuit.  Ironsherpa coats his neck with vaseline to prevent rash.
6:30: Race starts.  Lots of people wearing said flattering wetsuits waddle down the ramp into the water.
6:52: Ironman enters the water.  Ironsherpa follows the red cap until it's out of sight.
Phil in the red cap on the bottom right
7:15: Ironsherpa gets mandatory race egg and bacon roll.  While stuffing face with yummy warm bacon and runny egg, contemplates the possibility of eating as many calories on race day as Ironman burns.  Realizes this is 6-7000 and might require too much effort.
7:45: Mosey on over to bridge.  Start stalking swimmers in red caps.  See one climbing over strange concrete divide in the middle, snap picture.  Repeat with next red swim cap.  Look through pictures and realise have twenty pictures of randoms wearing red swim caps.
8:01: Spot correct red swim cap crossing over divide.  Realize he's not last.  Silent celebration insues.
Phil crossing over barrier
8:05: Ironman swims under bridge.  Ironsherpa takes pictures every three seconds.  Good view.  Now what does one do with thirty of the same picture?
Phil swimming under the bridge
8:27: Ironman finishes swim.  Quick cut with Ironsherpa while he runs to transition.  Very happy with swim.
Heading to transition
8:33: Run around transition in time to see Ironman heading off on the bike.  Followed by lady who mounts her bike then promptly crashes into the barriers.  Oops.
8:34: Now what?  Ironman won't be back until noon.  Time for an Ironsherpa nap!
9:50: Wake up from excessive amount of drool
10:30 Wander through mall looking for gloves and hat.  It's going to be a long, cold night.
11:55: Wave to Ironman
11:56: Wave to Ironman again
On the bike leg
12:00: Ironsherpa drives 30 km south to Laurieton.  Purchases noodles.  Sits and chows down on said noodles while athletes race by, glaring at Ironsherpa eating tasty noodles.
1:25: Ironman rides by.  Ironsherpa runs into street to say hi to Ironman but Ironman is focused and does not see this distraction.
2:15: Ironman passes Ironsherpa again.  This time Ironman sees Ironsherpa and laughs.  Hard.
Phil laughing at me on the bike
2:30: Ironsherpa stops and purchases celebratory beers for Ironman.
3:24: Ironsherpa waits for Ironman to finish bike leg.
4:00: Ironman finishes the bike leg and starts the marathon.
on to the run
5:10: Brr Ironsherpa is getting cold, time for another jacket.
5:28: Ironman finishes his first lap, and a guy stops along the side of the road to spew.
5:50: Ironsherpa moves camper van closer to the finish line knowing Ironman is not going to want to walk very far.
6:00: Ironsherpa goes to nice restaurant and eats beautiful steak and truffle mash while watching the finish line.  Drinks glass of moscato for dessert.  Yum.
7:09: Ironman passes again.  Wonders wear Ironsherpa has been.  Ironsherpa reveals partaking of food and while while Ironman downs gateraid and bananas.
7:16: Ironsherpa goes back to car to get jackets.  Ironsherpa gets lost.  Ironsherpa gets lost in sketchy neighbourhood.  Bad Ironsherpa.
8:56: Ironman still running.
9:45: Ironsherpa stands along finish line watching athletes finish.
9:51: Drunk bogan Aussie yells in Ironsherpa's face when Ironsherpa gets annoyed and tells drunk began Aussie to stop pushing her.  Ironsherpa doesn't like drunk began Aussies.
10:15: Ironman in finishing chute!  Ironsherpa takes 30 more pictures as Ironman high-fives everyone cheering him on.  Ironman crosses the finish line.  The catcher wraps Ironman in a towel and Ironman gives him a great big sweaty hug in return.
Phil heading down the finishing chute
10:26: Ironman exits after eating a piece of pizza and being given a women's size medium finisher's shirt.
10:52: Ironman takes a warm shower and then Ironman and Ironsherpa pass out in the camper van.  A long day is finally done.


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