Organ Pipes National Park

This morning we finally explored Organ Pipes National Park near the Melbourne airport.  It was a crisp morning, and besides a few wallabies we had the trail to ourselves.  The park is right under the flight path so every few minutes a plane would take off through the clouds but the noise didn't detract from the serenity.
Wallaby in the bushes
It was a fairly easy hike, the path is wide and took us straight down into the canyon.  The first stop was the Organ Pipes, a large wall of hexagonal rocks standing tall against a babbling creek.  It was neat to see the unique shapes of the rock faces scattered next to the pipes.

Close up of the Organ Pipes
The Organ Pipes next to the creek
The next stop was the Rosette, which as Phil said looked like an exploding volcanic turd.  It was a strange rock formation, it looked like the rock had exploded and this action was frozen in time.  The nearby canyon was a pretty scene next to it.
The Rosette
The nearby canyon
The final stop on the path was the Tessalated Pavement.  It's basically the top of another organ pipes formation burried deep in the ground.  We walked around on the rocks for a bit and then headed back up to the car.  It was a nice way to start a Sunday with some unique scenery all to ourselves.

Tessalated Pavement
Pretty trail


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