Teen Pregnancy, Bogans, and Botanic Gardens

Pretty much in that order - that's what Cranbourne is known for.  We live on the other side of the tracks (the good side) from Cranbourne and try to avoid making the drive into that town at all costs.  Until today.

My parents and I had been to the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens before but there was a quilt display at the gardens this weekend that I wanted to check out.  I made Phil go with me so he could experience the strangeness of this place.  It's free to explore and just a few minutes from our house.  It is truly a beautiful place, an island in the surrounding sea of bogans and ferals.  There are paved paths leading the way around the gardens, through eucalyptus trees and native australian wildflowers.  There is a large pond and several water features and one could spend hours wandering around the grounds.  Here are a few pictures to prove that such a nice spot exists in such a quality place as Cranbourne.


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