Biking Mt Buller

Last weekend Phil set out to tackle his third of the 7 Peaks, Mt Buller.  After our very enjoyable recent trips to Lake Mountain and Mt Baw Baw we had high expectations for some beautiful scenery.  We drove out through the Yarra Valley and continued for just over 3 hours along rolling golden hills.  The scenery looked very similar to the Central Coast of California, minus the oak trees and with a few more gum trees.
California views in Oz
I dropped the boys off in Mansfield and they started on their 42 km climb.
Ready for a ride
Meanwhile I strolled around the town looking for an adventure.  Being a three-day weekend the cafes were packed with people, but the winery was nice and quiet and the gewürztraminer was decent.  I walked around a little more, but the mass quantity of large SUVs with snorkels in the front and swags on the roof made me was to head out somewhere quieter.
Not much scenery to take a picture of in Mansfield...
I decided to head up the mountain and explore the peak next.  Along the way I passed the Gnome Tree, it was a cute little stop.  There were some very twisty turns along the way that must have been a challenge on the bike.
Gnome Tree
Unnamed Corner!
Don't take this one too fast
I reached the top and caught a glimpse of the chair lift and village.  I drove around the village, taken by how bizarre this place was with no snow.  Lots of multi-story condos perched on the face of cliffs with grassy ski runs down the middle of the central area.
Grassy ski run
Then I sat at a cafe and enjoyed a burger while I waited for the boys to arrive.  They made it in good time - apparently it was a lot easier than Baw Baw the previous week.  The boys enjoyed the ride back down the hill even better.  They certainly beat me back down the hill.
Happy, tired boys at the top
View from the top
Overall Buller was not my favourite place, and I was not impressed with Mansfield.  Perhaps I'm just spoiled with so many great places around us.  The other mountains were so beautiful and peaceful, and the craziness of this mountain in contrast was not as enjoyable.  It was worth seeing though, because you never know if you'll like a place until you go there and try it.
View of the ski runs


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