Ugly Ducklings

A few weeks ago Maybe and I noticed a black swan nest on our nightly walk through the neighbourhood wetlands.  We have been checking up on it every day, and last Thursday I brought my camera along to get some pictures.  The mom was up moving around at the time so I even snuck a peak of a couple of the eggs.  Then Saturday on our walk I noticed the mom and dad swan were hanging out together in the water.  I thought that was odd until I noticed four little grey fluff balls next to them.  It seems that they hatched on Friday.  I'm not sure who was more excited, me or the dog, but I was glad that I had once again brought my camera with me.  These little things are irresistible.

Mom on the nest


The proud parents with their newborns

Cute little fuzzy!

Can I keep them?

Family shot


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