The Forecast

When we first moved to Melbourne people told us the city often had four seasons in one day.  I thought this was an exaggeration but I was very much mistaken.  The walls in my office are glass, and I can literally watch storms roll in and out in the course of an hour.  Last Thursday it was nice at lunch time and two hours later it was raining sideways and tree branches were flying through the air.  Then another hour later the sun came out and everything was calm again.

The last few Thursdays have been crazy windy - around 100 km/hour.  Thursdays are of course trash day which makes for some interesting chaos when the storms pass through.  Today was a gorgeous 26, and tomorrow if we're lucky it might reach 30 for the first time in months.  And then as it does the temperature will be halved the following day.  Being a San Diego girl used to high of 70 low of 60 kind of weather 11 months out of the year I find this extreme weather fascinating.


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