That's Rubbish

We've lived here over two years now and we still can't find the darn trash bags when we go to the grocery store.  EVERY TIME.  And then once we do find them we by heaps so that we don't have to find them again for awhile.  Why do they hide them?  In a US store they would be right next to the plastic wrap, sandwich bags, etc.  Here, they are in separate rows.  Why?  The flour is in a separate row from the sugar and other baking stuff also.  It is still such a scavenger hunt doing the weekly shop, trying to think like an Aussie but failing miserably because I love LOGIC.

Yesterday I went to my local Coles where I had finally found the trash bags in a back row next to the frozen foods.  As you do.  Until now.  Apparently now the grocery store sells clothes instead of trash bags.  I couldn't even find the ziplock bag section anymore.  But that's ok, I can just wrap my sandwiches in shirts now.

And then there's the car insurance.  Can someone please tell me why a grocery store is selling car insurance?  Is it to protect you from garbage bag theft?


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