Lately it has been dark by 5 pm and not light until 7:30 am.  When the sun finally does come up it lights up the frost covering the ground.  And we are feeling lazy :(  I am starting to understand why some animals just hibernate for the winter.  It's cold and dark and all you want to do is curl up someplace warm and sleep.  Earlier this week we went to bed at 7:30 because we were cold.  Our hot water is connected to solar panels so if we shower before it gets light out the showers are not quite warm enough.  Not even the dog can get up out of bed in the mornings!

The good news is it's all uphill from here.  We've passed winter solstice, aka the coldest shower of the year.  Eventually it will be Spring again.  In the meantime thank goodness for quilts, electric blankets, hats, mittens, soup, and lots of animals to keep us warm.


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