Girl Scout Cookie Time

Ignorance is bliss.  For the first twenty-nine years of my life I truly believed that Thin Mint girl scout cookies were the best cookie ever.  Every February I would eagerly wait for my yearly box.  Yes, just one box (that's the Catholic in me - self-sacrifice is next to godliness).  But turns out I just didn't know any better.

When I first moved here a year and a half ago I had my first mint slice.  Delicious biscuits with mint cream, covered in Arnott's REAL CHOCOLATE, or so the package says.  They are truly wonderful, and best of all you can buy them all year long.  The other great thing about them is they have no calories!  What the heck is a kJ of food anyway?

Phil's mom is bringing us a few of our favourite girl scout cookies when she visits, so I decided it was time to finish off the package of thin mints that his sister brought last year.  Yes, I know, such restrain.  Restraint is also next to godliness.  I ate one and was  so disappointed.  Where's the yummy layer of mint cream?  So I said don't bother with the thin mints, bring on the samoas!

Mint Slices, you won my heart (and my stomach).


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