Getting Schooled

Phil and I took a photography walk class last weekend to learn how to use the manual settings on our SLR cameras.  We spent enough on the camera that we might as well learn how to use it properly.  Plus I wanted to figure out how to take low light and night shots before we go see the volcano in Vanuatu.  Plus Phil's mom was looking for a birthday present idea (thanks!)

So Saturday afternoon we set out across the bay to Williamstown.  We first learned about the three basics (shutter speed, f-stop, and ISO) and how to adjust them on our specific cameras.  Then we took a test picture using some basic settings.  From there we learned how to adjust each setting to get the lighting right.  Here's how it went-

test picture with basic setting
minor adjustment to settings
starting to get somewhere here
add a cloud filter, and there it is!
one of my favourites
keep it classy Australia!


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