Trick or Trick

Tonight someone knocked on our front door, a rare enough occurrence that we looked at each other with puzzled faces upon hearing the sound.  Phil went to answer the door and was greeted with "Trick or Treat!"  Ahh yes, apparently it is Halloween.  We were a bit confused because we just landed back in Oz this morning, so having skipped October 30th we had forgotten it was now the 31st.  Phil quickly grabbed some Reese's Peanut Butter cups out of the pantry, and I yelled No!  Not the American candy!  You see, after having just stocked up on the good stuff over in the states, I was not about to hand it out to the local kids who won't appreciate it!  No way.  Fortunately we had 3 Freddo Frogs lying around so he grabbed those.  Then we realized the 3 kids were really 5 and grabbed the frogs and 2 peanut butter cups.  This would just have to do.  I think it was the first time kids have ever come to our door before, and the odd part is it happened in Australia.

They don't really celebrate Halloween here, it is much more of an American celebration.  And even the American celebration has changed - it used to be for kids, now it seems like it's more about people in their 20s and 30s instead.  While we were in the states we noticed that a large number of houses were decorated for Halloween.  Seeing this bazaar new trend, I hypothesized that Aussies don't decorate for Halloween because there's no need - spider webs covering the houses is a normal site, not just something people fake on Halloween.  And lets be honest, every day is dress like the Village People day!


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