The Melbourne Swans

Footy season is over and the Sydney Swans were victorious.  I've spent more time lately watching the Melbourne Swans though, they are everywhere lately. 

A couple weeks ago on the first gorgeous day since winter began we went for a walk around Albert Park.  It is a beautiful pond right near the city, and the road around the park is the race track for the Formula 1 races.

The pond was full of pairs of giant black swans.  Maybe found this very exciting and desperately wanted to go swimming with them.  We were no fun and wouldn't let her.  The swans weren't very impressed with her and kept hissing at her.  I kept her on a short leash - those things looked like they were ready to eat her!  A couple swan pairs had these adorable little fuzzy grey baby swans - they are so much cuter than the adults.  I want one.  Or two.

Last weekend we went for a walk around the neighborhood pond and discovered that a black swan family has moved in, complete with 5 fuzzy baby swans.  We just saw them again on our walk this evening.  It is great fun feeding them, and I'm not sure who shakes more with excitement upon seeing them, me or the dog.  I'm guessing me.


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