life for sale

I'm sitting at the computer going through pictures we took of the condo before we moved.  I flip through the folder titled "sell" and see pictures of our Hyundai Genesis Coupe, my frogs, Phil's cat Sigmund, and it makes me really sad to see everything we have had to give up in order to move here.  I know they are only things but for some reason it just hit me how much we had to leave behind.  I miss our old cars.  I miss our frogs.  I miss looking at the hard work we put into making the condo a really nice place to live.  I miss Sigmund's annoying "mows".  And I miss knowing that March is Spring and October is fall and what the weather is going to be like because it's San Diegoand it's always nice outside.

I had originally planned on keeping the Xterra but have finally realized it makes no sense to keep it because I can buy another one when we move back.  And now we have to sell the condo, the place that saw me from a young adult just starting out in the world through growing up and becoming a responsible adult with a husband and several animals. 

As I get sad looking at these pictures, I look out the window and see several gorgeous green and blue parrots sitting on the tree.  I can hardly complain, we have a good life here.  We are really lucky to be able to experience life in another country.  I now know that there are other ways to live life, and we now have an appreciation for things that you just don't have unless you live in another country.  But of course this all had a price, and we are paying it a little at a time every day.  I guess I just need to remember that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.


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