Ditto Again

I previously wrote about Ditto, the crazy giant Hunstman spider that was living on my car.  The good news is we discovered his home inside the mirror and "relocated" him.  The bad news is his buddies somehow got into our house.  Sure, they might be "friendly", but I really have no need for these kind of friends.

Just after we got Lucy I found a Huntsman spider in the toilet (not literally IN the toilet, just in the bathroom, which here they call the toilet).  I of course freaked and called Phil.  I was pretty much hysterical, telling him this spider was so large that it was going to eat the kitten.  He said oh, you mean the one in the shower?  A feeling of dread settled in and I inspected the shower.  Sure enough, there was another one in the shower.  Once Phil saw them, he informed me that while I was in the US, he found the cat playing with another one.  We must have missed hearing them when they knocked on the door - we're really not sure how they would have gotten in otherwise.

Poor Phil had the not-so-fun task of removing them (I sure wasn't getting anywhere near!).  Armed with a can of instant spider death, he set to the task at hand.  Spider #1 decided to jump at him as a last plea for life.  Spider #2 appeared to already have passed on to spider heaven.  Then came the issue of disposing of the bodies.  These weren't one papertowel kind of spiders, these required practically the entire roll.

Now we have taken to the task of spider-training the kitten.  I figure if she's going to live here rent free, she needs to earn her keep.


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