Herb Appeal

(and around here, that H is not silent!)
I seem to have an issue with plants. I thought it would be nice to grow some herbs, tomatoes, etc, so I bought a little garden and carefully planted some seeds in neat little rows. I wasn't sure what would grow, so I planted about 6 full packages of seeds in two of the four spots. Then, the night we left for Fiji I asked Phil to plant the remaining seeds in the last two vacant spots so that they would have sprouted by the time we got back. Well, they did. And that was how we discovered that Phil had misunderstood me and planted seeds in all of the spots, including the ones I had already planted seeds in. Granted, he was probably right to do what he did, surely only crazy people plant everything so close together like I did. So now we have heaps of lettuce sprouts mixed in with the occasional zucchini plant. We also have mystery herbs (because I completely forgot what seeds I planted of course) mixed in with carrots. We had a good laugh about it, and then I bought another garden. Hopefully I can salvage some of these sprouts before they all die from overcrowding. If that works, we're going to have one heck of a salad.


  1. hah! Its ok, its your first time :) BTW, but a tomato cage on the tomato plants now before they get too big and its too late. They need something to prop them up. Zucchini will need some support too.


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