Guest Book - Mom and Dad

Dear Suzannah and Phil -
You found a lovely house in which to live out your Australian adventure. And, you are indeed having an adventure in Oz. Thanks for letting us share in some of it.
The trip along the Great Ocean Road was amazing - lots of beautiful scenery and interesting people to see - I couldn't believe the people in shorts and flip flips in that weather.
It's been fun to see you both and I hope we get to come again. We loved the Australian animals in the wild and were glad to not be doing the driving on the "wrong" side of the road.
By the way, who is that cat who looks like George? It;s time to pack and get on to visit our friends here now. Have a wonderful time in Fiji.
Love, Mom & Dad (Mary and David Weflen)
p.s. I'll start collecting fabric for you again!


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