Lazy Sunday Sip

This morning I realized with horror that our 28-bottle wine fridge had three lonely bottles remaining. It quickly became clear that today's plans would have to be rearranged. It was time to go wine tasting in an effort to restock the supply.
I informed Phil of the change in plans and we set out to explore the Mornington Peninsula. It was a crisp, clear spring day and everyone was still hung over from the Grand Final yesterday so the wineries were empty.
After visiting a winery we drove to Arthur's Seat, which is a hill with a nice view of the bay. The road to the top is steep and winding so Phil is hoping to use this as a training ride for the Ironman he's doing in March. We also drove to the bay so I could show Phil the beach huts. They are basically just brightly-colored sheds that people purchase for outrageous amounts of money.
Last night was daylight savings and we changed the clocks forward an hour, so now when it's 8 am here it's 2 pm the previous day in CA. We definitely appreciated the extra hour of sunlight on our leisurely drive back. The funny thing is that the Northern Territory doesn't change their clocks, so rather than being a half an hour behind our time, they are now an hour and a half behind. I guess they like to be a little different.


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