Guest Book - Amy and Michel

Our stay at the Richardson Chateau was lovely. It definitely surpassed our expectations, and we will gladly return in the future. The proprietors, Maybe and George, are always close by to check on how things are going. The managers, Suzannah and Phil, were also great hosts; giving recommendations and tips on what to see and do in the area. We particularly enjoyed the extra excursions to the Kangaroo Track and the Penguin Parade. During the week, the chauffeur service to and from the train station was prompt and comfortable. On the weekend, the breakfast was lovely, as was the shuttle to the market. Make sure
to order the Honey Mustard personal pies from the restaurant! Also, we heard that an Alpaca will soon be added to the Chateau, so we are definitely looking forward to meeting it on our next trip.
Amy & Michel Goldstein
Seattle, Washington,


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