Wandering Around Wanaka

We took it easy the day after the big race, starting with a nice lie in.  Then I took the crew to see the Wanaka Tree.  What's the Wanaka Tree, you ask?  That's what they asked too.  I kept seeing pictures of a tree in Lake Wanaka - it was on logos, pinterest, everywhere.  So I figured it was something we just had to see.  Turns out it was a little tree in the lake that looks a little cooler if you get the camera angle just right.  
The itty bitty Wanaka Tree
Looks a little bit more impressive from here
The crew and the Wanaka Tree
Luckily it was on the way to a winery, which was a much better stop as far as scenery goes.  
The view from the winery
Two tired athletes
mmm grapes
We were still thirsty so headed towards a brewery we had seen.  We stopped and grabbed sandwiches and stopped at th embanks of the Clutha River.  The water was a beautiful turquoise colour and it was a great spot to have an impromptu picnic.
Cool bridge over the Clutha River
Enjoying the Clutha River
We finally made it to Wanaka Beerworks and tried a little bit of everything.  It was in the back of a toy museum and next to an airplane and machinery museum, so there were some interesting sights around.
Cat girls in front of the Cat
Enjoying the beers
We had a nice dinner to celebrate our last night in Wanaka, and in the morning we drove the 60 minutes down to Queenstown on a super windy road.
The drive down to Queenstown


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