My Journey to Kona

Last weekend I went to Kona for the Ironman.  Well, sort of.  And my Ironman Husband is really jealous that I made it there before him.  

I wanted to do something to commemorate our citizenship at the end of May so figured making a quilt for Aussie Hero Quilts would be a great way to do that.  When I saw the request for an Ironman (Triathlon) quilt, I knew I had to do that one.

We looked through swim bike run images and finally found one that would lend well to cutting and tracing.  Phil sized it up and printed it out and I ran with that as the pattern.  I wanted to make it simple, because a triathlon is complicated enough on its own.  I stuck with a plain black background and appliquéd the swim, bike, and run graphics staggered in a diagonal across the length.  Then I added the Ironman wording along the side.  I finished it off with some simple straight line quilting and backed it with a nice soft grey shot cotton.  I packaged it up and sent it off, hoping it would make it safely to the recipient.

A brief couple of weeks later I got an email that it arrived and heard a bit about the recipient's journey as an Ironman.  He also told me his wife was doing Kona this year and they were excited to take the quilt along to help cheer her on.  Having seen how much goes into each race, and how many races go into doing Kona, it was really rewarding to be a small part of their journey.  It's amazing how small the triathlon community is, and how small the world can be.  And it's really neat to see how quilting can connect people like this.  Here's a blog from the recipient about his wife and their journey.


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