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September 20, 2016

Here we are again, packing up the suitcases and trying to make everything fit.  Good thing we stay with so many people who have washing machines so we can concentrate on bringing back Karen's wood and all kinds of bits and pieces.  (Do I sound Australian yet?)

The North Island of New Zealand was great with all of the geothermal stuff bubbling away - I've never seen so much of it.  The hikes and the caves were great too.

It was interesting to see the new houses you were checking out and hopefully that will all go as scheduled.  You are really getting to customize things the way you want them!

Come and visit us sometime!

Mom and Dad

Kookaburra at a friend's house
Pretty parrots
Feeding an orphaned joey

Visiting with my mom and dad's friend from high school who moved to Melbourne many years ago
My dad teaching Maybe about the world 
Coromandel Coast
Riding the crazy train
Nose rock
Champagne Pool, Rotorua
Devil's Bath Tub, Rotorua
Prawn Impressions
Coromandel Coast
Hanumara Springs 
Okere Falls
Huka Falls
Redwood Forrest, Rotorua
Marokopa Falls


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