The Grampians

As soon as I returned from my work trip to Jakarta we set out on another three day weekend adventure.  Phil and our friends picked me up from the airport and we started the three hour drive to the Grampians.  We stayed in Halls Gap for the Anzac Day weekend and did some hiking and exploring.  Outside our little country motel each morning and night the kangaroos would hang out and snack on the grass.  There were also plenty of Cockatoos and Kookaburras to add to the Aussie experience.  
Roos out the back
Kookaburra sitting in the tree
The first day there was a bit of a blur for me after spending the night on a plane, but after a nap in the car and a snack we went for a hike along the canyon behind the camp ground.  The rock cliffs were steep and dramatic on both sides and the late afternoon light made for a pretty background.  It was so peaceful and quiet.  This was about as far as I could possibly get from the chaos of Jakarta from just 24 hours before.  We walked further to a couple waterfalls, but since it hadn't rained in awhile they were both dry.  We walked back to town for an early dinner and then called it a night.

Walking in the canyon
Not much water in the creek

The waterfall
Twelve hours of sleep later I was a different person, rested and ready to explore.  We walked into the town centre for some coffee, and then decided to hike up to Boroka Lookout.  It was a decent hike up a mountain and it felt really good to stretch my legs and enjoy the fresh air.  It was the perfect temperature, not too hot and not too humid.  We had lunch at the top and relaxed a bit before heading back down.  We returned to town and had a happy hour of beers and cheesecake before dinner and another early evening.
Halls Gap

Rohan and Divya
From the top of Boroka Lookout
Our final morning there we went back to the town centre and sat for a bit before driving home.  There were a lot of other tourists out to enjoy the long weekend there, but it wasn't so busy that we couldn't enjoy it.  Halls Gap had a really nice long weekend vibe and it was a welcome break after the previous week.  Next time we need to go back after a good rain so we can see what the waterfalls look like.
Group shot on our walk


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