I was introduced to a new word the other day - Sneans.  According to Urban dictionary, it is the highly attractive combination of sneakers and jeans.  Apparently it is a very American tourist thing that Aussies, Kiwis, and various forms of Irish like to give us grief for.  It has its own hash tag and Facebook page dedicated to making fun of people wearing #sneans.  

My coworkers gave the typical example of a middle aged man wearing light colored jeans and white New Balance sneakers together.  I can understand, that's definitely a look.  Throw in a tucked in t-shirt and a belt with a giant Iphone strapped on and it makes quite a statement.  But they also insisted sneans extends to any form of sneakers with any form of jeans. 

At first I protested - what's wrong with wearing sneakers with jeans?  Lets say you're on a long weekend in Tasmania, where you may go wine tasting and hiking all in one day.  Sneakers seem like the only appropriate foot wear to me!  They suggested when going for the hike one might change their pants but I found that rather silly. 

Sneans on holiday in Tasmania
Sneans on holiday in WA
I started looking through pictures and quite easily found many pictures of myself donning the sneans combination, and several of friends rocking the look as well.  Yes, they were all American.  But I'm pretty sure my sporty friends in Oz also wear sneakers (well, runners) with jeans.   

Sneans with friends
Then I decided that I'm ok with sneans.  I am American, I wear jeans, I wear sneakers, and sometimes it's nice to be wearing practical footwear that won't put a damper on my fun.  Plus to be honest, I still don't understand what would be considered appropriate instead of sneakers.   

So grab your sneakers, grab your jeans, come on guys lets wear some sneaks! 

Sneans love - practicing for our wedding
Sneans on our honeymoon in Iceland


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