Santa’s Aussie Holiday

by Maria Farrer and Anna Walker

The Arctic’s cold, with ice and snow,
And that’s where Santa lives, you know.

On Christmas Eve he flies so fast
We rarely see him whizzing past-
But he keeps a lookout on his way
For a place to take his holiday.

Each year he likes to have some fun,
A chance to get some rest and sun;
He spins his globe for inspiration
And finds a perfect destination.

A big smile spreads across his face…
Australia is the perfect place!

He packs his bag, his surfboard too,
And lands his sleigh at Australia Zoo.
He leaves his reindeer in the care
Of friendly locals who live there.

He hires a ute and takes a ride
To town – to buy a tourist guide,
A t-shirt, thongs and bushman’s hat,
Stubbies – and Aussie things like that.

He heads to Fraser Island first,
The heat, it gives him quite a thirst!
He cools off in the champagne pool
And learns about the dingo rules.

And after going four-wheel driving,
He heads up north for scuba diving.
He dives around the Barrier Reef
And meets a shark with long sharp teeth!

He drives across the desert sands
To where magnificent Uluru stands
And watches til the day is through,
Then leaves to visit…Kakadu.

The crocodiles, they make him shiver
As he cruises up the yellow river;
But the ancient art of the Aboriginal

He finds both interesting and original.

In Albany he watches whales
And walks along the forest trails.
He meets the quokkas on Rottnest
Before he turns to leave the west.

On Phillip Island, just by chance,
He joins in the koala dance.
And as the sun sets, gold and red,
The fairy penguins come home to bed.

Tasmanaia next – where he finds a spot,
As crew upon a racing yacht.
The wind is strong, the sea is rough,
Soon Santa thinks he’s had enough!

But in Sydney there is much to do:
A skywalk, cruise and opera too.
And though the Harbour Bridge is high,
Santa climbs it – what a guy!

His speedos (red and white and tight!)
Give Bondi surfies quite a freight.
The big waves leave him feeling dizzy;
He keeps the lifeguards very busy!

Although he’s having so much fun
On holiday in the sea and sun,
He knows he has to head back north,
To prepare for December 24th.

He hangs a boomerang on his sleigh,
Shouts, ‘See ya mate’ and is on his way.
And though he’s very sad to leave,
He’ll be back in Oz on Christmas Eve.


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