Guest Book - Mom and Dad Round 4

September 12 2015

Bali was fun in its own peculiar way.  Thanks for inviting me to go with you.  Now we have to get busy and sew all of those fabrics!  The Lion King was fabulous today.  What a lot of work that was to produce.  Now I'll have to watch the cartoon version! 

See you next time - 

I had a lovely restful week after George and I had a difference of opinion and he tried to remove my left thumb.  Hopefully I'm not bringing some sort of contagion back to the US which will land me in quarantine for 90 days.  The trip to Marysville was great!

Going for a walk
Reading the Wombat Goes to School
Snow at Mt Donnabuang
Redwood forrest near Warburton
My dad hiking with Glenda and John
My dad and Glenda at Stephensons Falls
Hiking with Glenda - after a week being sick from my stupid cat's bite, this was the only day of fun he got to have while we were in Bali
My mom at our hotel in Bali
In front of the Batik fields
Exploring the rice terrace 
A long way from home!
In front of Flinders St Station in Melbourne
Seeing the Lion King Musical
Pretty sunset
Saying goodbye to one of her very favourite people


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