Utah Trip: Utah Olympic Park

We decided to check out Utah Olympic Park while we were in Park City.  We thought it would be a fun stop for a couple hours but ended up there almost the entire day.  

When we first got there some athletes were practicing their jumps into the pool.  It was really neat to see how they ski down rollers without all the snow.  When they are ready to jump, a jet starts up and creates bubbles in the water to soften the blow.  We got to see athletes of all different levels, from tiny kids just starting out to people doing several spins and flips.
The Ski Jump Practice 

Then we explored the museum a bit.  The bobsled caught my eye, and I decided we needed to try it.  It's not often you get the chance to ride down the Olympic Bobsled course!  We signed up, but it didn't start until 1 so we figured we better get some lunch so it had a chance to settle before that excitement. 
Amy, Michal, and Elan on the bobsled
Jamie and I on the bobsled with the kids
When it was time we took the shuttle up to the top and got suited up with helmets.  We watched a video that prepared us for the ride, telling us to hunch our shoulders to prevent neck and back injuries.  We climbed in and grabbed hold of the ropes to hold on.  The driver took his place and we set off on the track.  
Ready to go in our helmets
 As we got going it didn't feel that crazy but after the first turn we really started picking up speed and things got fun.  And fast.  My head was rattling around as we went left, right, and up and down on the track.  It was sort of like the most incredible roller coaster ride I've ever been on, but with an added dimension of feeling.  We ended up going over 100 km an hour!
Us on the bobsled
Our race stats
After the bobsled the family decided they wanted to play.  The kids went to the playground, and Phil's sister, brother-in-law, and dad decided to ride the zip line.
Downhill ski practice areas
Phil's dad on the zipline
 After that full day outside in the sun we were all pretty exhausted so decided to head back to the house.  Then his sisters and I spent the rest of the evening shopping away at the outlets.  There's no such thing as too tired for shopping.


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