The (Almost) Winter Blues

A few weeks ago I told Phil I thought my blood was getting a little thicker having lived in Melbourne through three winters.  Turns out it just wasn't that cold yet.  Well, now it is, and my San Diego blood has definitely not adapted.

Ever since we changed the clocks back at Easter, it's been dark by 5:30 and I've been in hibernation mode.  By 7 pm I'm ready to go to bed.  All these cold, dark, wet days have been really getting to me, so Phil decided to take us to breakfast and a walk in the cute little town of Emerald.  It's a 30 minute drive into the mountain town.  We stopped for breakfast at the Emerald Bakery, a glorious place selling the most amazing baked goods.
Poor Maybe loves going exploring but hates wearing her seatbelt
After brekkie we headed to Emerald Park Lake, where we took the dog for a nice walk around the lake.  It was cold out but the lake is in a valley sheltered from the wind, making it a bit warmer.  There were plenty of ducks around for the dog to chase, and we enjoyed the sights of the falling autumn leaves.  We also got to see Puffing Billy, the train that you can ride around the Dandenong Mountains.  Maybe was rather startled by the sound of the train whistle!
Pretty autumn colours
Puffing Billy
We continued around the lake, chasing more birds and enjoying the scenery.  It was exactly what I needed, some crisp fresh air, a brisk walk, and some delicious baked goods.
nice view across the lake

Looking for ducks
Paddle boats at the lake
Happy dog
Pretty leaves


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