Mow - A Memorial to Sigmund

This year we said goodbye to a cat/panther/mountain lion/puma.  Sigmund was as amazing friend.  As a kitten, he was hell on wheels. You had to be careful when you walked around, as he could attack at any moment.  He also loved to play fetch, and hide and go seek. 

Sig had the longest limbs and toes.  When he sat they didn't fit tucked under so he had to fold them in front of him.  The only thing bigger than his paws was his personality. When we made the decision to move, Sig was lucky enough to stay with David and Christa and their family. We are very thankful for them and for taking care of Sig. 

Sig passed quietly, curled up with one of his toys. We received the news while on holiday in Thailand. In the land of tigers, we said goodbye to our own. Rest peacefully buddy, you were amazing and exactly what Phil needed when going through a rough time in his life.
Such a handsome boy
Coiled up like a snake
Inspecting the new fridge
Not a fan of the selfie
Too much tequila
At his best when lounging.  Ahh the life of a cat
Not a fan of this pretty boy
crazy cat
On the cat walk
Keeping an eye on stuff with folded paws
One of my fav pics.  Such a great cat.


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