Messing With Texas

I just got back from a whirlwind week in Texas.  I went with three customers; one British Kiwi, one Polish Aussie, and a Papua New Guinean (is that such a thing?) and met a Welsh American coworker there.  One customer I had traveled with before, and two I had never met.

We all flew into Dallas and from there traveled to beautiful Mabank, about an hour South.  We were tipped off that a short detour would take us to "the best steak house in the US", Four Winds, so of course we had to give it a go.  It was truly out in the sticks, and after several u-turns we finally found it. It's on a ranch that apparently used to be owned by some Dallas Cowboy (the football team, not the dude with the big hat).  There is almost nothing around, but inside the place was packed and they served up a good hunk of meat.

Mabank is not exactly a large city, it's pretty much 4 blocks long, and then you turn right and you're in Gun Barrel City.  It has a population of 3,000, but I'm not sure where they all love as we saw maybe 8 houses the whole time we were there.  Gun Barrel City is the bigger of the two, with a Walmart and even a Lowe's.  The customers enjoyed the drive through the area, and on special request we wandered around Walmart like they had all seen on tv before.  Judging by the open mouths, it was a truly impressive sight.

We took them to a fish place one night and introduced them to catfish, gumbo, and firecracker Texas waitresses.  The following night they had their first Tex Mex experience.  The beer ritas were a big hit, the weak sangria not so much.  Everyone ate the required amount of Mexican food so that no one was hungry the next morning.  It was fun watching them all try these new foods that I grew up around.

After the work was done we managed to fit in a nice dinner, some exploring, and of course shopping before the long flight back.


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