Brumby Run 2013

Mae Lee and Trooper
Last Sunday our good friends hosted the third annual Brumby Run.  Unlike most running events, it's free, everyone wins, and we all get to eat brunch together after.  They invite the people in our running group and it's basically a run in the hills around their house  with several distance options - 5k, 8k, 10k, or half marathon.  Since I am still not running I walked the 5k track and Phil ran the half marathon track.  It was a good morning for a run, cool but sunny and in a beautiful and quiet area of Pakenhem.

It's called the Brumby Run in honour of Trooper, Mae Lee's Brumby horse.  She rescued him a couple years ago and he is like her child.  She is a big animal rights supporter and just recently published a great book about Brumbies.  Brumbies are a wild horse similar to the Mustang.

After everyone finished the run we gathered for a brunch buffet.  The running group is a motley crew of people from all different backgrounds and everyone always encourages each other with a hand shake at the end of the run.  It is a very classy group of people who really encourage us to stick with it.  Sharing some snacks after an early start and some much needed exercise was a nice way to finish off the morning.
The half marathoners starting out

My own personal aid stop!

Bruce receiving a well done at the end

The runners with our Brumby Run ribbons


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