While my brother was visiting I finally got to check out the daily pelican feeding in San Remo don by Phillip Island.  I wasn't quit sure where to go, but as I parked in the lot by the beach I noticed about 45 giant birds looking very hungry so I figured we must be in the right place.  Apparently the birds knew it was 11:45 and the feedings begin at 12.  They were all eagerly waiting, it was quite a site.

I've become obsessed with pelicans lately thanks to the few that hang out at the pond near our house.  It is amazing to watch them fly around, they hardly have to move their wings at all and look remarkably like an A380.  Seeing them from far off doesn't do their size justice, watching the feeding gave me a whole new appreciation for just how large these birds are.  Now I just need to convince Phil to let me have one as a pet.  I am convinced the cats would have a blast riding one around the house!
OMG!  Did somebody say fish?!!!
Waiting for their noon time feeding
Doing the pelican dance
Rather creepy isn't it
I love how the fish is poking out of his neck.


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