The Voices in My Head

When I was taking Spanish in high school I got to the point where I could think in Spanish rather than have to translate in my head before speaking.  At that point I had a pretty good grasp of the language.  Of course I've lost most of that now, but lately I've started to notice a similar thing happening.

Recently I pulled some yogurt out of the fridge and the voice in my head said, "How many serves is this?"  Then it said "Serves?!!  It's called servings silly."

I've noticed a few other things like that lately.  I have been pretty stubborn with keeping my accent and vocabulary.  I figure this might be the only time in my life I have a cool accent so I'm going to embrace it.  But words are slowly starting to creep into my vocabulary.  Contact details, no worries, how'd you go... small little phrases that don't seem like much but together add up to speaking a different language.

Phil has long since given in to the dialogue and I laugh when he uses aussie phrases with his american accent.  I guess it's only a matter of time before I too go that same route.


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