Brumbys Run

A couple weekends ago our good friends from the running group held the second annual Brumbys Run, named after the Brumby horses that she loves. The Brumby horses are a feral breed that were introduced to Australia in the late 1700s.  There's a big movement to eradicate them because they are non-native, though I wonder how people who are here because of recent immigration can possibly suggest such a thing.

The Brumby Run was a half marathon starting and ending at their property in the foothills of the Dandenong Mountains.  Running that far is not my cup of tea, so we went for a bird walk in the area instead.  After the run, we all shared a relaxing brunch potluck under the gum trees.  Here are a few snaps from that beautiful day.

Mae Lee with Trooper

The wild King Parrot that ate out of my hand,

Phil with Trooper


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