Wrapped Around Your Finger

or wraped around your finger, as was engraved on Phil's wedding ring when I first picked it up, or wrapped arund your finger on the second try.  But third time was a charm, and soon after his wedding ring was wrapped around his finger forever.

Until he decided to become an ironman, and then he started loosing weight.  Soon this forever ring was flying off his finger, so we came to the conclusion that it was time to get a new one (can't resize titanium).

Well we took a trip to our classy local mall in Cranbourne (those of you who have been there can stop laughing now).  The first trip was highly unsuccessful as the power went out just as we entered the first store.  The second trip at least the power was on, and we found a ring we both liked.  It was carbon fiber, which Phil has an addiction to, and it has a good price, which I love.  We went to order it and the lady measured his finger.  O, she said.  O what?  I said.  O.  He's a size O.  What?  Are ring sizes different here?  Yes, apparently Australia has their very own unique ring sizes.  I said what's the equivalent size in numbers?  She said 55.  Right.  55.  Um, I think his old ring is a size 8.5, I say.  She gives me the same blank look I am giving her.  So not only does Australia have their own sizes, but apparently the US also has their own sizes (which is slightly less surprising given our tendency to assume the world revolves around us). 

No problem, we can deal with a funny size, just as long as we can get the ring.  She checked was sizes they come in, and the smallest they made them in was a size T.  There are quite a few letters between O and T.  Strike out #2.

But I googled it and figured out that an O, aka 55, is also a 7.5.  Behold, the powers of amazon.com, for they had the very same ring we were looking at in the right size for $30.  Can't go wrong with that price, even if it doesn't fit.  So we ordered it and had a coworker bring it over with a few other goodies for home.  It was a perfect fit.  So now he has two wedding rings that he can chose from depending on how honest he's been about his training schedule.

The ring arrived just in time too, because the very first day he wore it he broke many hearts.  The girls at the cafe downstairs from his office were very disappointed to spot this new ring on his finger.  Apparently there had been a wager going about whether he was single.  Consider it $30 well spent.


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