One Year In

A one-way ticket to the other side of the world, a place I've never been, without my husband and pets, and just two suitcases to last me through the winter.  One year ago I landed in Melbourne to start my crazy adventure.

When I saw the job posted my thought was go for it, no regrets.  Strapped in my seat on the plane, it was what the heck was I thinking.  Driving on the other side of the road for the first time, it was more like these people would give me a lot more space if they knew I've never done this before.

I still miss being able to see my friends and family, knowing what things taste like, our cat, our cars, the comfortable life we had... the easy shopping, the day trips to the mountains, being able to understand what people say the first time they say it.  But I love being in a new country, taking trips to crazy beautiful places that I never would have visited on vacation, learning new words in the language I thought I already spoke, tasting new foods, making new friends, learning that there's another way to do just about everything and that the one way I knew how to do something before might not be the right way.  It is very humbling having to relearn everything, and we've certainly had some good lessons about what's really important (like peanut butter m&ms!) and what we're capable of.

We've been living for today, taking advantage of every opportunity thrown at us because we just don't know if we'll get the chance again.  If nothing else, that is the one thing I hope we can carry with us when this adventure is over.  Life is short, so take advantage of what opportunities you can and enjoy it.


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