Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year (well, as good as I can possibly be considering it's still me). I have donated a lot of possessions to various friends and charities and a lot of money to the small electronics industry. I even let a friend borrow my car and another my cat. But now it is my turn to ask, I don't want much, but I'm hoping that you might have special privileges to sneak a few things in past the quarantine agents for me.
For Christmas (aka Chrissy) can you please bring me:
baby carrots
a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink
nice clothes that don't cost a fortune in sizes that actually fit
peacock feathers
some new friends
brownie mix
a swiffer
a can of black California olives
American bacon
a bowl of clam chowder
fish tacos from Rubio's
a jar of celery seed
a jar of that neon-looking nacho cheese sauce
a money tree
sunshine on a weekend
and I supposed a bag full of cash is always nice


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