Phil and I have been exploring our new neighborhood with pleasant weekend bike rides. I started noticing something interesting on our travels - almost every house in our area has two large pots displayed in front. The more I looked, the more I found, the more I started liking this trend. The size, shape, and colors of the pots vary, the plants inside the pots vary, but they all have two pots, usually surrounding the door. So I figured we might as well try and blend in, and I started the search for the perfect pots.

What I soon found out though was finding the pots wasn't the problem, it was finding the perfect plant. We discovered that we had no clue what the plants were at the local stores. For the most part they were native plants that we have not really seen before. We randomly chose some short bushy things, found our pots, and transplanted away.

The more we got to know the area, the more we started to realize what a horrible mistakewe had made. We started realizing that the giant wispy bushes we've been seeing along the freeways are what our little plants will some day turn into. We keep finding ourselves staring longingly at more appropriate plants, or sharing thoughts of secretly planting them in the neighboring construction area, but neither of us can quite come to the committment a new set of plants requires. What if we pick the wrong plants again? How do we really know what a little plant will grow to become?

There is a bright side to all of these funny new plants. San Diego doesn't really have seasons - it's either nice, or nice. So I am learning all about spring and the blossoming plants that abound. I have never before seen weeping cherry trees covered in fragile little white flowers, and I dream of one day having one of those beautiful trees. I envy our mystery neighbor's blossoming tree every day when I pull in the driveway. There are so many flowers that I've never actually seen grow because I've never experienced a true spring.

Last weekend Phil and I found ourselves exploring the nearby Dandenong Mountains. It is a really pretty forrest area filled with different varieties of gum trees. On our drive we stumbled upon a tulip festival and just had to check it out. I was amazed at all of the different varieties of tulips all lined up in their neat little rows. It was a beautiful site and made our adventure well worth it. With all of the beautiful plants we saw on our drive yesterday, at the end of the day we found ourselves once again gazing longingly at new plants. I think some day we just might cave in, but in the meantime I'm going to keep watering those ugly bushes out of pity and secret hope that they'll both die a quick and painless death.


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