Reality has moved in

I had a big goofy grin on my face when the moving truck pulled up this morning. It has been a long wait - 11 weeks since they came in, packed everything up, and sent it on the slow boat to Australia. The good news is we seemed to have made it through quarantine and customs without incident. I even managed to smuggle in some cupcake sprinkles and a muddy dog leash undetected (unintentionally of course). It's hard living with other people, no matter how nice and helpful they are (and they have been awesome), and I knew I would be excited to finally get everything so I can really start to settle in. What I didn't expect to feel though was homesickness. When they opened the truck and I saw all of those boxes, it hit me that this is for good, there is no turning back now. As I started going through the boxes, I kept finding things that reminded me of home - the shot glasses from our friends' wedding, the wedding presents people gave us... it just reminded me how far away everything I'm used to is. Then I found the dog bowl and realized that she won't get to move in for another five weeks. It was definitely a reality check. Fortunately there are plenty of boxes to unpack to keep me distracted. The fun part is trying to interpret what the guys who packed everything named the boxes - we seem to have different ideas of what everything is called. I still need to hunt down the sheets, pillows, and quilt so I can sleep in my bed tonight (finally found them in the box labeled "golf clubs"). Asuming I make it up the stairs of course - it's very possible I'll crash on the couch from exhaustion. But hey, at least it's my couch :)


  1. oh whatever, you're on the gold coast... I am not...

  2. I love your blog, Susanna. I really enjoy your commentary about the funny and interesting cultural differences you are experiencing. Your new home is just amazing. It looks HUGE! And the lovely quilting studio--yes!


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