The 411

Why Australia? People keep asking me how I got this job. The secret - I applied! Here's the 411-
In my last job one of the regions I worked with a lot was Australia. A year ago they had me travel to Brisbane and Perth for their regional meeting. I fell in love, and the day after I got back was looking at flights to return for vacation. Phil found a triathlon he wanted to do in New Zealand so we ended up going there instead, but did manage to get a night's layover in Sydney on the way. This was June, and we booked the trip for the following January. Then in December the Field Project Engineer position was posted. I thought about it but then decided it was just a dream. Then one day two completely unrelated coworkers mentioned the job, and I started looking at it again. I soon realized I would always regret it if I didn't at least apply. So I did.
Meanwhile there we are in New Zealand for vacation. Turns out they are interested, so we arrange for a meeting in Sydney on our way back. Long story short, how could I refuse the opportunity to have an awesome-sounding job in a country I'm in love with?
Moral of the story is sometimes it's who you know, sometimes it's timing, but none of that will do any good unless you take the first step and apply-


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