Baby's Got Back (Beach)

Lately I've had the travel bug big time.  We have several trips planned for the year so far - King Island in March, Vanuatu in June, New Zealand in July, Kosciusko in August, and Pert/Busselton/Esperance in December.  It's still not enough though and there's only so much vacation time and money.  So I decided it's time we start exploring Melbourne more.  First up, Back Beach in Sorrento.

I saw this picture on pinterest a few weeks ago and today we went exploring to try to find the real life version.  Here's the original picture.

It's called Back Beach in Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula, about a 45-minute drive from our house.  When decided to go explore the beach today we both forgot one critical thing - it's January (summer) and Aussies love their beaches in the summer.  They also seem to take most of the month of January off to stay at said beaches.  This made for a very long drive out on the one lane road.  Eventually we made it though and it was definitely worth the wait.  My conclusion is that the colours in the picture are definitely doctored, but I think the real thing was even more beautiful than the picture.  Along with some interesting rock formations, there were huge tide pools that the giant turquoise waves kept crashing into and it made for quite a show.  Here are some snaps from our adventure -

I love this combination of turquoise water, red sand, and green shrubs
Zoomed in on the tide pools
Sphinx Rock
River created by the waves coming up over the tide pools
Neat rock formation surrounded by tide pools
Waves crashing over the tide pools
Beautiful coastline
One more, just because I love the water colour.


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